Request for quote
Use the quote form or contact us by telephone or e-mail for an urgent contact.
TEL 052-211-9716 FAX 052-211-9717
Submission of the quote
We will e-mail or FAX the quote free of charge.
Order placement
[Order placement] Place the order by e-mail, FAX, or telephone call. We will start the procedure after receiving the order. We conclude the non disclosure agreement for the first business with a new customer as necessary.
We will make all necessary arrangements.
[Start translation]
We select the best translator for your request and proceed with the translation.
[Layout editing](option)
Let us know the application software you request.
We will check the spelling errors, translation failure, etc.
[Check by native speaker](option)
Native speaker will check for a grammatical error or expression correctness.
We will deliver the requested translation in your desired manner.
Request for correction of the first translation
‘Request for correction of the first translation’ is to correct the failures found in the first translation we deliver to the customer. We will correct the failures found in the translation within 6 months after delivery, and we will deliver again the corrected translation free of charge, except the failures due to the corrections made by customers.
Check at customer
Customer will check the delivered translation.
Payment by bank transfer (Details will be informed after receiving your order) is acceptable.