Offering translation and proofreading services  to the highest standards for all types of technical documents and official documentation.

【Supported languages】

We cover a wide range of languages as follows;

English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Polish, and other Eastern European languages, Northern European languages, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, Finnish, Ukrainianand, other.

【 Our services 】

  • - Translation of documentation for design, manufacturing, inspection standards, specification documents, white papers, user manuals, work procedures, educational materials, drawing, general engineering reference material and many other document types.

    - Company brochures, CSR reports catalogues, manuals, in-house newsletters, video narration scripts, press releases.

    - Website translation.

    - Software/localization.

    - Scientific papers, medical papers.

    - Patents.

    - Visa (US Visa (E, L, H), and relevant documents (*1), contract (*2))

    - Creation of technical dictionaries, machine translation dictionaries, etc.

  • (*1) For example, in the case of America, there are 13 types of non-immigrant visas and documents to be submitted which may differ according to visa type.
  • We support translation of such documents including recommendations for  documents to be submitted to Embassies and local immigration control offices, copies of family registers, resident cards, maternity record books, and certificates required in application for visa and immigration check.
    (*2) Translation of official documents shall only be delivered after the content is confirmed by the customer.

【 Detailed translation proofreading 】

Proofreading, cross-check, re-writing and double checking by native speakers.

We are proud to be able to offer the best translation services that include detailed checking and optional editing of content and style of the translation according to the required readership and purpose of the translation. Feel free to contact us for a tailored solution to fit your needs.

  • Proofreading: Review of the translation for higher accuracy.
    Cross check: Check between two or more languages.
    Re-writing: Revision, editing, and re-writing of existing translation.
    Check by native speaker: Proofreading by native speaker for more natural expressions.
  • Note: We offer re-translation service by the following correction ratio:

Proofreading: Less than 30%

Re-writing: Less than 50%

Translation: 50% or more

Note: These correction ratios may differ depending on your requirements.


【 Page layout】

We offer page layout change (form/graphic processing) and editing services based on the target translation medium i.e. Windows Applications (MS Office), etc.
Conversion to HTML or creation of Windows Help (WinHelp or HTML help) are supported as well.

  • Page layout change

    Creation of new documents

    Creation of digital documents (from manuscript, etc.)

    Creation of digital contents and data processing

◆ Supported application software ◆

Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Visio)

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