INF Machine Translation Inc.

Japanese 〉〉

Coordination Service for Research and Development
Translation and Interpretation

Company Information

Name INF Machine Translation Incorporated.
Established June 2001
Headquarter Within INF, 3F, NTP Plaza Toshincho, 2-13-30, Higashisakura, Higashiku, Nagoya City, Aichi Pref., Japan
Capital JP 24,000,000yen
Chairman Yuji YOSHIKAWA (concurrently serve as President of INF)
President Taro KURODA (concurrently serve as an Assembly Member of Aichi Pref.)
TEL 052-939-1656
FAX 052-939-1617
Operation Hours Weekdays: 9.00 – 17.30
Business Services ■Translation & Interpretation
■International Business Coordination
■Business Matching, especially in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and SEA countries
■Market research

Our Business

1. Translation & Interpretation

Languages of translation & interpretation:Most of all languages between them (sometimes via English)

Ex.:English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, and other Eastern Languages, the Nordic Language, Turkish, Thai.
For other languages, please contact us.


■General and Technical Documents
■Company/CSR Report, Manufacturing Manuals
■Documents for visa application, etc. for Embassies Consulate such as French, the UK, Canada, the US and others you request *Especially the appointed translation company of French Embassy in Japan, the UK and Canadian Embassy are recommended by each Embassy.


Economy, Politics, Culture, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mechanic, Electronic & IT, Tourism, Hospitality, Media & Advertising, Finance & Accounting, Banking, Environment, Law, Architecture & Construction, etc.

2. Other Services

International Business Coordination: 
Business License and Legal Advisory, Logistic, Market Research
Business Matching in South East Asia
Looking for supplier, customers and finding office and residential apartments in place of you

Our Core Values

INF Machine Translation will employ three fundamentals that will serve as the driving forces for the service offered as same as INF:

■Qualified and Professional Translators & Interpreters
■Excellent Customer Service
■Delivery: Fast and Accuracy